Mother Withdraws Petition For Conservatorship Over Amanda Bynes

There are many people who suffer from psychiatric problems, however when celebrities are inflicted many times it can be significantly worst. This is due to the public scrutiny which famous people in Florida and other states are subject to. This seems to be the case with actress Amanda Bynes who is currently under a temporary conservatorship under her mother as a result of her increasingly erratic behavior.

The actress’s mother had asked the court for a conservatorship. However, she has since withdrawn her petition because her daughter is already under an involuntary psychiatric hold, which is allowing the actress to receive long-term treatment. As a result, her mother has already been granted authority to make financial and medical decisions on her daughter’s behalf, therefore making the conservatorship petition unnecessary.

After the actress ignited a small fire in the driveway of a random residence she was hospitalized under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. Bynes was scheduled to appear in court to answer DUI charges from 2012, however the case was later transferred to a special court designed to deal with mental health issues. A judge will determine whether she is mentally capable of standing trial to face the charges of drunk driving.

However, psychiatric issues are not only a potential issue for celebrities. Ordinary people in Florida or in any other state may also suffer from psychiatric problems which leave them unable to care for themselves properly. This means their families may want to consider petitioning for a conservatorship which could help them through these difficult times. It will allow them to receive the treatment they need while their families manage their financial and medical decisions.