While gay and lesbian partners choosing to marry in Florida are now afforded the same legal protections as all other married couples, LGBTQ individuals continue to face unique estate planning challenges. Despite significant legal advances, discrimination and inequality within laws still exist.

Our experienced estate planning attorneys understand the challenges lesbians, gay men, bisexual individuals, and transgender individuals of all martial statuses face.

We bring experience and sensitivity when assisting members of the LGBTQ community in planning for asset protection, incapacity, and end-of-life issues.

Leveraging a thorough knowledge of this complex area of law, Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk attorneys execute estate plans for LGBTQ clients that protect their rights, as well as the wellbeing of their partners and children.

Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk attorneys assist Florida same-sex partners by:

Designing wills and trusts to reduce estate taxes and enable seamless asset transfer.

Drafting a Power of Attorney to empower a personal representative to take action on behalf of an incapacitated partner.

Executing a comprehensive estate plan to protect minor and adult children, ensuring their guardianship is clear and that they can inherit from both parents.

For those in committed same-sex relationships who choose not to legally marry, our attorneys design estate plans to safeguard both partners’ rights to:

Make medical and financial decisions

Arrange for burial, cremation and organ donation

Secure property and assets

Assume guardianship of children

To learn more about your estate planning options, call our office to speak to a Florida LGBTQ estate-planning lawyer today.