Disagreements among family members concerning the distribution of property or the decedent’s true intentions are emotionally difficult.

We balance financial aspects of litigation with the emotional issues that can motivate familial litigants.

Bill Boyes, John Farina, and Peter Matwiczyk are probate and trust litigators. They are not estate planning attorneys practicing outside their expertise and experience. Each of the Partners has successfully litigated hundreds of estate and trust disputes.

These disputes often arise when a trustee has mismanaged or misappropriated trust assets, or not properly cooperated with trust beneficiaries.

If a will or trust is challenged due to improper signing and witnessing, or because it’s determined that at the time of execution the decedent did not have requisite mental capacity to make informed decisions concerning the distribution of their estate, our attorneys work to effectively litigate and resolve these disputes

Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk attorneys prosecute or defend cases involving:

Will and trust contests
Allegations of fraud, undue influence and lack of capacity
Accounting disputes
Breach of fiduciary duty
Will and trust construction, modification, reformation or termination
Estate and trust administration
Fiduciary removal and surcharge

Inheritance rights
Creditor claims
Elective share disputes
Estate planning malpractice
Wrongful death litigation
Jointly held assets, including bank accounts and brokerage accounts
Homestead disputes