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Morrow v. Morrow

Morrow v. Morrow, 354 So. 2d 642 (Fla. 3d DCA Feb. 8, 2023)

The recent Third District Court of Appeal reviewed the requirements for a valid will under Fla. Stat. 732.502 and found the handwritten will which was at issue, in this case, to be valid.

In this case, both on a confession of error and based on the court’s independent review, the appellate court found that the will was handwritten, but reflected the signatures of the testator, two witnesses, and a notary along with the notary’s seal. 

This comports with the requirements of Fla. Stat. 732.502, which states:

Every will must be in writing and executed as follows:

(1)(a) Testator’s signature.–

1. The…

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